Business (Non-residential)

Choosing an Electric Company

Shopping for electric service for your business is different from shopping for your residential service. For many businesses, shopping for electricity is a negotiated purchase process, similar to the purchase of a large quantity of computers or wholesale materials for manufacturing or business operations.

Choosing an Aggregator

You may opt to use an Aggregator. An aggregator represents a group of customers, such as an employer, neighborhood association, or religious group, to assist them in purchasing electricity in bulk. Businesses and other entities may also become an aggregator for their members or employees. Download the “How to Become an Aggregator brochure” for additional information.

Do You Have to Choose?

You can choose a new plan and company at any time, or you may choose to stay with your current provider. If you did not choose another provider when deregulation went into effect in 2002, your electric service is being provided by the Affiliate Retail Electric Provider (part of the original electric company that generated and sold electricity in your area before deregulation).

Business and Non-residential Retail Electric Provider Directory